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 Green Gem Financial Limited

Our services:

We offer a free initial consultation for new clients and can arrange for any future fees to be taken from the investment in most cases. Sometimes the advice provided during this consultation will be all you require and our service will cost you nothing. Although, we'd love you to recommend us to friends and family if you are pleased with the help that we have provided.

A full assessment will be offered, which includes tax analysis, cash-flow analysis, an Investment report and a retirement report for a fixed fee. Essentially a full wealth check. (see below)
If the advice you need is modest we provide more limited advice such as re-mortgage or insurance analysis, which can be carried out for a reduced fee.

Our Full Financial Review consists of:

  • A full assessment of your current financial standing.
  • Advice on how you could reduce income tax, capital gains tax and Inheritance tax on your estate.
  • Cash-flow analysis: to project your expected wealth and disposable income forward throughout your life.
  • Retirement Report: Assessing the value of your pension schemes and investments and advising on any shortfall, which would restrict you from continuing with your current lifestyle, at your chosen retirement date.
  • Investment Report: Assessing the efficiency of your investments with respect to the risk that they involve and setting the expected returns against your spending targets, such as University fees or buying a holiday property. Advice will then be provided with regards to making your investment portfolio more efficient whilst matching your attitude to risk.
  • Researching the market: If you need a new contract, we will research the whole market to assess the best provider, the most suitable product and construct a portfolio of funds to meets your needs.
  • Regular Review: Finally we will make arrangements to review your financial situation, pensions and investments, on at least an annual basis. During this review we will assess the progress of your investments and pension funds and rebalance your portfolio and change funds where necessary.
Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 
Registered in England and Wales No. 5059989. 
Registered Office: 3s Pinetree Centre, Durham Road, Birtley, Co. Durham DH3 2TD