Purchase Price

The purchase price of the home that you wish to buy.
Interest Rate

The expected percent interest rate you will get on your mortgage.
Down Payment

The percent deposit you wish to put towards the home.
House Appreciation

The expected average yearly percentage increase in value of your home.

The repayment term in years. (25 years is common).
How Long?

How long do you plan on living in this location?
Monthly Rent

The monthly amount that you (would) pay in rent.
Rent Rate Increase

The expected average % rate that your rent will increase each year. 2.6% is average.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

This calculator will assist you in determining the likely long term cost of renting or buying a home. Mouse over the item to get a description.

Purchase Price: pounds
Interest Rate: %
Deposit: %
Expected Yearly House Inflation: %
How long will you live here?: years
Monthly Rent: pounds
Expected Yearly Rent rate Increase: %

Calculations by this calculator are estimates only. There is no warranty for the accuracy of the results or the relationship to your financial situation.
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